The needs of dogs – Sleep

Dogs need more sleep than we do.

  • Adult dogs need +/-16 hours in every 24.
  • Puppies +/- 20 hours in every 24.

Safety is essential (beware of slippery floors) and we should not disturb our sleeping dogs.


  • are ‘polyphasic’ sleepers; they will choose somewhere to sleep for a while before getting up and moving somewhere else. This is normal and instinctive behaviour.
  • are social animals. They normally like to sleep with company, day and night; in multi-dog households may occasionally need to have the opportunity to sleep alone and in peace, away from others.
  • like to have some peace and quiet – our lives can sometimes be too noisy and active for them.
  • should have lots of choices:
    • sofas, beanbags, baskets, cushions, fluffy rugs, sheepskins, raised beds, blankets etc…
    • different types and sizes
    • different locations in the house (and in the garden when the weather is right)
    • enough space to lie flat, or curled up or on top or under things

Safe good quality and comfortable sleep will promote and maintain good health in our dogs (and let us not forget that it will do the same for us!).


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