Here are some ideas for our new year’s resolutions ….

  • It is so very important to let our dogs know how much we love them.
  • We should check regularly that we have the balance right; in terms of mental stimulation, exercise, rest and sleep, companionship and diet to ensure that they are happy and healthy both mentally and physically.
  • If not already done, let’s ban the collar and acquire a good fitting Y harness (research has now proven that amongst other things a collar can cause neck and back injuries, thyroid and behavioural issues, eye and neurological damage). Please visit FreeDogz (Posters) to know more.
  • Let’s use a long lead and take ourselves out on “saunters”, allowing our dogs to discover new places, check their “NoseBook” pick up their “pee mails” and listen to and watch the world go by …..
  • Most of the time it is what we do that dictates our dogs’ behaviour, so, instead of becoming angry with them, let’s take a deep breath and check what we could have done to avoid putting them in “that” situation.
  • Why not allow our dogs to “just be”, so they can relax in our company. Dogs are social animalsso they prefer not to be alone for long periods of time.
  • It is so important to allow our dogs choicesand not to control their every move. Let’s allow them to use their brain, to investigate and be curious, a curious dog is a healthy dog ….
  • Let’s observeour dogs, understand their language and values and treat them with love and respect and they will respond accordingly.


We wish you, your family and of course all our dogs a wonderful year.