The needs of dogs – Sleep

Dogs need more sleep than we do. Adult dogs need +/-16 hours in every 24. Puppies +/- 20 hours in every 24. Safety is essential (beware of slippery floors) and we should not disturb our sleeping dogs. Dogs are ‘polyphasic’ sleepers; they will choose somewhere to sleep for a while before getting up and movingContinue reading “The needs of dogs – Sleep”

The needs of dogs – Sleep – part 2

In part 1 of Sleep and our dogs, I explained the importance of safe, social, good quality and comfortable sleep to promote and maintain good health. I would now like to go into a little more detail on the importance sleep plays in helping our body and brain to rebalance. Indeed. we might be temptedContinue reading “The needs of dogs – Sleep – part 2”

Why choices are so important for our dogs

When looking at some pet dog’s lives, we see that their humans determine just about everything in their lives: When and what they eat, when they have to be alone and when they have company, when and where they go for a walk or do other activities, which other dogs they can and can’t interact with; they are usually not even free to choose when and where they get to pee and poo. After all, a dog is completely dependent on his or her human for all of those things. But how does this affect our dogs?