Adrenalised: an experience or activity that thrills, frightens or both, that fills the body with the arousal hormone adrenalin. Adrenalin is a good hormone, it makes sure our body is able to do what we need it to in order to perform an activity we enjoy or we need to do to potentially escape something…… Continue reading Adrenalised

Why choices are so important for our dogs

When looking at some pet dog’s lives, we see that their humans determine just about everything in their lives: When and what they eat, when they have to be alone and when they have company, when and where they go for a walk or do other activities, which other dogs they can and can’t interact with; they are usually not even free to choose when and where they get to pee and poo. After all, a dog is completely dependent on his or her human for all of those things. But how does this affect our dogs?